Richard Dunseath launches new Tag Rugby Business just in time for Back to School!

Pictured above; Richard Dunseath (Tag Rugby Club) and Julie Halliday (Business Adviser, Mallusk Enterprise Park)

A passion for playing and coaching Tag Rugby led Richard Dunseath to launch a business to bring the sport to new audiences.

With support from Mallusk Enterprise Park, Richard’s vision for his business was developed into a two-year business plan, which was just the framework required to help him Go For It!

Did you always want to be self employed?

Yes, I have always liked the idea of being my own boss but never had enough courage to do it.  Also, I felt that I lacked the relevant knowledge or experience. 

How long did you have the idea before meeting with a Business Adviser to discuss?

2 days!  I remember sitting at home when the idea suddenly popped into my head.  I thought about it, and thought about it before deciding I had nohing to lose by contacting a professional who could help me put the idea into a format which would enable me to deliver the vision.

What does your business do?

It provides structured coaching for 4-12 year olds in Tag Rugby.  Having played and coached rugby for many years I was aware that the physical nature of  the sport discouraged children from playing, particularly when tackling is introduced at age 7.  I wanted to provide an alternative.  Tag rugby is perfect for kids who like  the idea of playing rugby, but want to take their time before committing to a full contact game.  It is also perfect for girls who compete equally with boys.  

How long have you been trading?

The first classes are due to commence in September 2019.

Are you happy that you went into self-employment?

Absolutely!  I am still employed and balancing my full time job alongside the evening classes.  If successful, I intend to expand the business and pursue self-employment on a full  time basis.

If you were to give one piece of advice to someone starting up what would it be?

Planning ahead is everything.  If you know your market then planning is made a little easier.  

  Was the Go For It Programme beneficial to you? If so, how?

Yes, the Go For It Programme gave me ideas which I hadn’t even thought of!  My Business Adviser, Julie Halliday (in main picture,) helped me to develop a 2 year business plan which gave me the confidence to take the idea forward.

What was the best part of the program?

Working through my ideas with my Business Adviser on a one to one basis gave me insightful feedback.  

Did you avail of any loan funding?

No, I financed this business using my own money.

Where do you see your business in 5 years time?

Franchised across Northern Ireland!

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