Conference Facilities

Conference Room: Up to 40 attendees aisle style, 30 attendees classroom style, 20 attendees boardroom style - £110 for a full day; £55 for a half day (Ex VAT)

Hightown Boardroom: 14 attendees boardroom style - £130 for a full day, £75 for a half day (Ex VAT)

The Conference/Hightown Room are both equipped with a TV(HDMI) and Laptop to display presentations. A Flip chart is available on request

Equipment Rental Costs:
Flipchart - £10 per day (Ex VAT)

Block book to receive discounts

Alternatively, you can use the room to display or exhibit your products for services to your customers.

Facilities to conduct job interviews or staff meetings, provides you with the confidentiality you need.

Catering Options:
We source the food from a local supplier and we can offer the following options:

Option 1 - £1.75 per person: Tea & Coffee (Ex VAT)
Option 2 - £2.25 per person: Tea, Coffee & Biscuits (Ex VAT)
Option 3 - £3.50 per person: Tea, Coffee & Scones (Ex VAT)
Option 4 - £4.50 per person: Platter of Sandwiches (Ex VAT)

For further information - contact reception on 02890 838860