10 Reasons Why A Co-Working Space Is A Wise Move

1. Helps To Combat Loneliness 


Do you ever get lonely working from home? Would you like to be a part of a business community? 


In a co-working space, there are always other businesses around. You are never too far from a friendly chat with a like-minded entrepreneur, and the community atmosphere boosts everyone’s mood. 


2. Networking Opportunities are Always Available



Other than our designated networking events throughout the year, daily networking opportunities are rife.  


We have various businesses utilising our co-working spaces, enabling cross-business networking at all times. 


3. Share In Each Other’s Successes.


Just starting out? Or have you been in the business world for decades? All successes are celebrated in our co-working space. There is always someone to share your good news with, and we are always ready to celebrate your wins, no matter the size. 


4. Access To Complimentary Refreshments 


There’s no need to cut a meeting short with our in-room tea and coffee stations. You can keep the ideas flowing and the business growing without running off to grab a cuppa. 


5. Flexible Booking Schedule 


You can book rooms by the hour, day, or month in our co-working space. So, there is no need to commit to a lengthy rental agreement for your premises. We’re here as and when you need us. 


6. Catering Available 


Forget having to organise catering for your staff or clients. With our catering services, that’s one less thing on your to-do list. 


7. Friendly Front Of House Staff 


Whatever your query, big or small, the friendly front-of-house staff are always available to help. 


8. Quality Internet Connection


With our high-speed wifi, client calls are a breeze. Long gone are the days of constant disconnects and sketchy signals. Your picture and sound quality will stay crisp at MEP. 


9. Free Car Parking 


Don’t bother forking out for a hefty year-long car parking fee. For our co-working spaces, car parking is free. So, there’s no need to panic that you’ve overstayed your time. 


10. Shared Ideas 


In a co-working space, you can always bounce ideas off someone. We are collaborators, not competitors here. We love a good brainstorming session and hope you will find that in our co-working spaces too. 


Sound good? Head over to check out our new co-working space at Mallusk Enterprise Hub now to start your co-working journey today.