Tenant Spotlight – ValueOils.com

Established in 2006. ValueOils.com operates a unique price Comparison website. They have been a tenant of Mallusk Enterprise Park since 2019. 

The company provides Heating Oil and Red Diesel Prices from over 150 competing quality Suppliers across England, Scotland, Wales, & N.Ireland.  Members of the public and businesses alike can obtain very competitive prices and service level options in any part of the UK for Domestic and Commercial Heating oil and Red Diesel.  ValueOils.com specialise in offering low prices and emergency supply to a large customer base of over 300,000 users and through close relationships with our Supplier partners, we ensure that the quality service we offer represents value for money on every occasion.

Who makes up the ValueOils.com team?

Donall – Managing Director
Responsible for overall business development
Business & Accounting Graduate of QUB & St Malachys College Belfast.
Over 40 years experience of the UK Fuel Market at all levels.
A successful track record in establishing & building a leading Fuels brand in N.Irleand.
Family man – 6 children – Enjoys all sports with special interest in Cycling, GAA, Sking/Snowboarding
Also loves outdoors walking, hiking and messing around in small row boat !

Andrew – Sales & eMarketing Manager
Responsible for Sales strategy within the business Drive including the delivery of e-marketing activities in line with targeted sales levels.
Business & Marketing Graduate of UUJ & Grovenor Grammar Belfast.
Over 13 years experience of UK Fuels markets and an experienced marketeer.
Family man – 2 children – Enjoys sports with special interest in Soccer and unfortunately Newcastle United ! Great fan of the outdoors, especially the Mournes and North Coast. Experienced Mountain-biker

Eamon – Operations Manager
Responsible for Supplier network management and Contract negotiations.
Business Grad of Liverpool University & St.MacNissi’s College Garron Tower Co.Antrim.
Over 35 years experience in the UK & NI Fuel Markets at all levels.
Great track record with qualifications in Operational, Fleet, Safety,Health & Environtal management

 What is ValueOils.com biggest achievement  to date?

ValueOils.com is a unique business. We conduct all of our business on-line and it is spread right across all corners of the UK/NI market. Our greatest achievement to date is the uniqueness of our business model. We design and own our own I.P. and software which cannot be easily replicated and is constantly evolving. The current position of the business is as a result of hard work and innovative thinking and design, combined with a market knowledge which is not readily available.

Your business has survived a Global Pandemic.  What has been the most valuable business lesson you have learnt from this experience?

Probably like many other businesses “Expect the Unexpected”. Covid 19 has turned the world on its head and in business terms there will be a lot of pain to come. Many business models which seemed almost impervious have been hit very hard : Airlines/Hospitality/Travel etc. whilst others, particularly on-line businesses have survived and thrived. Our business has managed quite well through covid so far but we are certainly not over-confident that this will continue. The most valueable lesson for Valueoils.com is that we can be more flexible in working practices in that we can easily work from home but there remain occasions when it is really good to have some office facilties too.

A core activity of Mallusk Enterprise Park is supporting aspiring entrepreneurs. What piece of business advice would you give to anyone considering starting up their own business?

Whatever business you decide to set up, ensure that you know it very well and that you have a written plan of development including financial projections that are realistic and sustainable.

Top Tip “Be prepared to work extremely hard BUT make sure there is enjoyment in whatever path you chose. You will be working for a long time, make sure it is in a field that you really like”

Do you have any special offers for our readers?

Always special offers @ ValueOils.com !

To find out more please contact Andrew below or alternatively find the business online at ValueOils.com or on Facebook or Twitter

Andrew Higgins
51-53 Mallusk Enterprise Park
BT36 4GN

Phone: 02890834055