Stephen explored the world of Enterprise with MEP and is now running a successful business

Prior to participating on Exploring Enteprise, Stephen Fleck of Simplicite Solutions, was out of work.  In 2019 he sought assistance from MEP to turn his I.T. skills into a successful business model.  He now turns over a healthy profit and is enjoying an overall better quality of life.

Today he tells us about his experience and urges others to explore the world of enterprise too!

Why did you decide to participate on the Exploring Enterprise Programme?

I decided to participate on the Exploring Enterprise Programme to learn more about being an entrepreneur. I didn’t have a clue about how to turn my skill-set into money therefore I turned to the experts, aka Maria!

Did you have a business idea or did you wish to improve your employment prospects when you enrolled on the programme?

My business idea was to provide website design for small businesses.  I joined the programme to help improve by prospects of getting new clients.

How did the programme help you move forward?

The programme helped me to understand more about how to be entrepreneurial! It helped me to develop my business idea, and get new customers to buy into what I was offering. It also kept me right with all the legalities such as registering self employed and paying taxes!

Would you recommend the programme to others? If so why?

Yes, definitely!!  Its a great programme, covering the basics on all aspects of starting your own business.  It’s also a fantastic opportunity to hear/share with others in the programme as we all learned something from each other. Maria was great in explaining and going over the programme material.

I decided to participate in the Exploring Enterprise programme as I wanted to learn more about becoming an entrepreneur and develop my business skills in the process. The programme has helped me to understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.  I would definitely recommend this programme to others.  It is a fantastic opportunity to learn and listen from experienced business advisers and also other budding entrepreneurs who are about to embark on the same terrifying journey as you!

In order to participate in Exploring Enterprise you must be either unemployed or working less than 16 hours per week and live in the Antrim & Newtownabbey Council area.

To register your interest email (Business Adviser and Programme Manager)