Caoimhe Fuller Named Inspirational Entrepreneur of The Year at Local Women’s Magazine Awards

Caoimhe Fuller, from Newtownabbey owner of C No Dirt Cleaning Company, has been
honoured with the prestigious “Inspirational Entrepreneur of The Year” award at the recent
Local Women’s Magazine Awards ceremony, held on August 22, 2023. The award recognises
her outstanding achievements and remarkable journey in entrepreneurship.

Caoimhe Fuller embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in October 2021 when she
founded Caoimhe’s No Dirt Cleaning Company, a business dedicated to providing top-tier
cleaning services. Through her unwavering dedication and innovative approach, Caoimhe’s
No Dirt Cleaning has grown exponentially and now employs a team of seven talented staff

Caoimhe’s journey was supported by Mallusk Enterprise Park through the Go For It program,
which played a pivotal role in her business’s development and growth. The program
provided valuable resources, mentorship, and guidance, empowering her to turn her
entrepreneurial dreams into a thriving reality.

However, Caoimhe Fuller is not one to rest on her laurels. Demonstrating her
entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation, she is set to launch an exciting new
product, the “Click and Slide Ecig Holder,” into the market. This innovative product,
designed to enhance convenience and accessibility for electronic cigarette users, reflects
Caoimhe’s commitment to addressing needs with creative solutions.

Upon receiving the “Inspirational Entrepreneur of The Year” award, Caoimhe Fuller
expressed her gratitude to her dedicated team, her mentors at Mallusk Enterprise Park, and
her loyal clients for their unwavering support throughout her entrepreneurial journey. She
also shared her excitement for the upcoming launch of the Click and Slide Ecig Holder,
emphasising her commitment to continuing her entrepreneurial endeavours.

Caoimhe has worked with Louise Parkes from Mallusk Enterprise Park through the Go For It
programme on Click and Slide and has already been successful in receiving orders. Her story
embodies the essence of entrepreneurship and the limitless possibilities that come with
passion and dedication.

For media enquiries, interviews, or more information about Caoimhe Fuller and her
ventures, please contact:
Business Advisor – Louise Parkes
Mallusk Enterprise Park, Newtownabbey, BT36 4GN

Caoimhe Fuller,, 07711 242954
C No Dirt
Click and Slide


About Caoimhe Fuller: Caoimhe Fuller is a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of C No
Dirt Cleaning Company. She started her entrepreneurial journey in 2021, building a
successful cleaning business that now employs seven staff members. With the support of
Mallusk Enterprise Park’s Go For It program, she continues to innovate and is set to launch
the Click and Slide Ecig Holder, a product designed to make life easier for electronic
cigarette users.

About Mallusk Enterprise Park: Mallusk Enterprise Park is a renowned organisation
dedicated to supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses in their growth and
development. Through programs like Go For It, they provide resources, mentorship, and
guidance to empower entrepreneurs on their journey to success.