The benefits of a professional mailing address for your home business

Are you running your small business from home?

Would you like to project a better outward image?

Using our mailing address service will save you money and it looks more professional!

1) Make the Best Possible First Impression

Having a professional mailing address will give your business a professional veneer because it uses a commercial location instead of a residential location.

Even if you do physically work from home, you want clients to believe you have the means to afford and occupy office space in a commercial building, unit or industrial estate.

Assumptions Matter

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people judge by first impressions. And this is why you must use every trick at your disposal to “look good” right off the bat.

It’s very easy for someone to look you up online using digital maps to see where exactly you’re based.  A prospective customer may be doing product research by weighing you up against your competitors – the assumptions made about your business could make all the difference.

Dare I say it…………….a home address reeks of an amateur!

It makes you appear less serious than the competitor who DOES have a credible business location – and that competitor might be working from home too!

First impressions count. Allocate the costs, or pay the price.

2) Maintain Privacy for Your Home Address

Another big benefit of using a professional mailing business address is that it protects your private life.

I say this because many self employed people/business owners might be using a garage or shed at home to store their stock.  If that’s the case, you must protect any valuables by not disclosing where you live. Seems pretty obvious doesn’t it?

Protect Against Burglars

A few years ago I worked with a man who who sold gold jewellery from a mobile unit on the high street.

For security reasons, John could not list his home address anywhere online, yet, at the same time, he needed a business address because a website without one looks bad.

For him, a professional mailing address is a great idea because there was no fear of a burglary at his home and he didn’t have to worry about the excess in the event of an insurance claim.

If anyone wants to write to him or if he must provide a business address, the virtual address is perfect.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of business are you in?
  • Do you want strangers to know where you live?

What if you’re away for a few weeks for holiday time or business travel? I doubt you want the anxiety associated with the wrong people discovering your house is unoccupied.

3) Get Google to Love You More

In most cases you can use a virtual office address to register your Google Plus Local (aka Google My Business) page.  Google is now supposedly cracking down on virtual offices used with Google My Business listings.

Businesses do this because they want to get a “map pin” on the Google map service.

You’ll need to confirm/verify the registration after applying (free) to create your Google business address. You’ll receive a postcard by mail with a unique PIN printed on it.

Once your Google PIN postcard arrives at your virtual office, you can go in and collect it, or have it forwarded to your home address by the virtual office provider.

4) Take Advantage of Postal Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding is a real god-send if you’re trying to keep your residential home address private. It means you can receive postal correspondence at your virtual office in a designated postbox inside Mallusk Enterprise Park.

5) Use our Meeting Rooms at Heavily Discounted Rates

Unless you do remote/mobile consulting, having access to meeting rooms is a big benefit.

When you have a professional mailbox service at Mallusk Enterprise Park  you can book our conference and meeting room facilities and avail of 50% discount on standard rates!

Email and quote Mailbox35 to find out more about our virtual office services*

*Available to sole traders and partnerships only.  Excludes Limited Companies.


Conference Facilities

Your own Virtual Office at Mallusk Enterprise Park

Bootstrappers and budget start ups can squeeze many benefits from a relatively cheap virtual address.

Lend your outward image some razzle-dazzle in addition to the technical and logistical advantages.

Remote working is so common these days, that some companies do not have a fixed location whatsoever. Many of us now work in the cloud, online and alongside virtual assistants.

Yet potential customers still appreciate the idea your business can be physically pinned down to good old fashioned bricks and mortar. Being next to all the other service providers is somehow reassuring.

Mail can be collected or forwarded* to your home address (*standard postal charges will apply)