FREE Cyber Security Lunch & Learn

Date: 19th Jan 2024
Time: 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Venue: Mallusk Enterprise Hub

Is Your Business Cyber-Ready?

Join Emma Proctor, Danske Bank's Head of Operational & Technology Risk for an interactive Lunch and Learn session - a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of Cyber Security and develop skills that will equip you to safeguard your business against the ever-evolving digital threats.

In this workshop, Emma will address:

Data Backup: Understand the importance of backing up your data. Learn best practices for maintaining the integrity and accessibility of vital information.

Defending Against Online Fraud: Explore strategies to protect your organisation from online fraudsters. Gain insights into the evolving landscape of cyber threats to stay vigilant and prepared.

Device Security: Learn tailored security measures to keep your computers, smartphones, and tablets safe in today's dynamic digital environment.

Password Protection: Learn how to create and maintain secure passwords, including insights into multi-factor authentication, safeguarding your data against unauthorised access.

Phishing Attack Awareness: Stay ahead of phishing attacks. Gain insights into the latest tactics and strategies to recognise and thwart phishing attempts effectively.

Immediate Business Protection: Discover simple yet powerful actions you can take now to safeguard your business against cyber threats.

Secure Your Spot:

Don't miss this chance to engage with our expert speaker and fellow attendees, enhancing your cybersecurity awareness to safeguard your business.

This event is sponsored by Danske Bank

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